This piece is part of a series that explores the complex feelings of the past two years: the fragility,

vulnerability, and uncertainty that we all have been facing.

¡Que huevada! is the action of literally owning the mess with your full body. It is a manifestation of

taking the power back and creating something out of it. If you can’t beat them…

“Huevada” is a Latin American expression, but in Chile, it has many meanings:

Que hueva (What a pain)

No hable huevadas (Quit bullshitting)

Haces puras huevadas (You’re making a mess)

Son huevadas (Whatever)

Esto es una gran huevada (This is a big fuck-up)

Me estas hueviando (Are you kidding me)

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Series of Photographs

Size: 30" x 40"

Metal print

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